I want to bring attention to what is often overlooked and undervalued - the ubiquitous capacity and strength of the tiny stitch, the materiality of the masses, the process of labor, fleeting artifacts, hyperbolic use of thread in action accumulating to monumental scale.

My body of work is a means to articulate these ideas utilizing the dialogue between surface and underlying form.  My study of sculpture was preceded and impacted by pattern making and clothing design, which I continue to practice and draw from in other projects.  

In my current work zippers, hundreds of feet long, are stitched together with heavily worked surfaces of sewn vinyl, then assembled onto armatures.  Before and after assembly the whole surface of the sculpture is broken down to one continuous line, melting to the floor like an unbodied pile of clothes.  This method is, in part, a reaction to large scale sculpture and issues of permanence, mobility, and accumulation.  Tensile strength engaged, pushed and pulled, relinquished again.